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ICOs and Token Sales - Regulatory Framework in Various Jurisdictions (2015)

15 Jan 2018

The world’s interest in cryptocurrency has soared, and along with this interest, governmental regulatory scrutiny has increased.

China and South Korea have banned initial coin offerings, and countries including Hong Kong, Singapore, and the United States have issued regulatory guidelines. Despite such bans and warnings, with bitcoin trading as high as $19,000 USD in December 2017, up from approximately $800 USD in December 2016, financial markets around the world have taken notice and everyone from individual retail investors in Asia to global trading giants like United States-headquartered Goldman Sachs are exploring bitcoin strategies. Clients are seeking advice on which jurisdictions will provide the most advantageous platform for pursuing cryptocurrency opportunities. Legalink member firms are uniquely positioned to work together to advise our clients on regulation involving initial coin offerings and token sales in jurisdictions around the globe.

The Legalink member firms who have contributed to this booklet represent 42 different jurisdictions spanning the globe to provide valuable insight on their respective countries’ regulatory perspectives on the burgeoning and unpredictable cryptocurrency movement. “From Texas to Tokyo,” businesses and organizations around the world can look to Legalink to obtain access to the best legal advice on the cryptocurrency scene. 

Introduction by Christopher Trowbridge and Robert Long
Bell Nunnally, Dallas, USA