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Interview Series

Nada Bouramah

Meshari Al Osaimi Attorneys and Legal Consultants, Kuwait

06 Dec 2017

"The ease of having instant access to high caliber law firms with the press of one button is astonishing"

What is new with your firm? Is there any recent significant news or cases you would like to mention?

Our litigation department recently won two very important cases in courts. One relates to the board members breaching their authority and their duty of care. The judgment won amounts to 2 million Kuwaiti dinars.

The other one is related to complex, multi million, litigation. We won the initial judgment that initiated complex compensation process. It has started a string of law suits demanding compensation of billions of Kuwaiti dinars filed by our firm.  

In the International Department, lately we’ve been drafting and reviewing a lot of franchise agreements.  We noticed an increase in investments in Kuwait directed towards bringing franchises from abroad to Kuwait. We advise the client in regards to the contract itself and in the establishing the right structure that serves their goals.


What are you personally currently working on?

We are in the process of establishing three medical centers in Kuwait.  We are involved in the consideration of all  aspects such as; establishment, shareholder agreements, template contracts, and employment contracts. Two of the medical centers have foreign elements, one is a branch in the UK and the other is US based.

We are also working on a newsletter to be sent out to our clients regarding tax law. We are meeting various professionals at the tax department of Ministry of finance in order to advise our clients that are foreign corporations on their future legal duties.

Also, we are heavily involved in one of the largest money laundering case in Kuwait, the International Department is currently investigating the feasibility of initiating case related lawsuits in the US, UK and UAE.

Additionally,  we are working on a couple of e-commerce business concepts for some of our clients.  We are testing the applications, drafting  the terms and conditions,  third-party contracts and the contracts with their customers or their users.


Which three or four practice areas are the most in demand in your firm?

The pillars of our practice are corporate and civil matters. Clients approach us for complex corporate litigation which could include corporate disputes, corporate wrongdoings, and securities litigation. We also act as council for large companies listed in the Kuwaiti Borsa and legacy family businesses.  These companies span in the industries of healthcare, telecommunications, and banking.


Can you share an example of cross-border work with another Legalink member?

(please complete or feel free to leave out)


In terms of referrals, which jurisdictions are the most important for your firm?

The US and the UK are the most important jurisdictions in our firm as most of our clients have ties there, such as commerce, inheritance or investments.


What are current developments in Kuwait? How is your work affected by recent economic or political changes in the region?

When I first started to work in Kuwait back in 2009, it was right after one of the largest economic crisis we had here in Kuwait As a consequence, many of the businesses and law firms were in “damage control mode”; The clients were largely focused on how to either (a) collect outstanding payments or (b) terminate agreements, whether regular service agreements to major partnerships.

We are seeing a rise in the economy due to the market stability. We noticed that people are now open to starting new businesses and liaising new relationships. We can feel the general positive energy that is being shared by all the clients. New contracts and partnerships are being formed, Investments are increasing, businesses are booming and thus the cash flow in the country is back to normal.

E-commerce is quickly developing in the area. It is fascinating to see the younger local generation entrepreneurs working in e-commerce. Entrepreneurs are leading the e-commerce industry and are successfully competing with long established businesses. The Firm enjoys working with these entrepreneurs specifically, and generally strives to make its services available to all entrepreneurs.


Although your firm became a member of Legalink only a couple of months ago, in June this year, you personally were a part of Legalink before. In general, what do you think about the network, where do you think it should be heading? What challenges are we facing?

I am constantly surprised with the development of Legalink. In 2009, the firm I was previously working at was already a member of Legalink. I found the idea of Legalink simply beautiful. The ease of having instant access to high caliber law firms with the press of one button is astonishing. I love the networking; I love the familial feel that the network gives and the constant support.

Naturally, when I joined Mishari Al Osaimi law office, one of my first recommendations was to join the Legalink network.  When we became members, I was pleasantly surprised with the recent developments like Legalink Academy or the virtual meetings in labor and employment practice group. I would love to see similar activities also in other practice groups, so that we all could be a part of it.

What I would like to see is the notability of the Legalink symbol to our clients. Currently I have to introduce and explain to the clients the Legalink concepts and the benefits of the network.

As regards conferences, I attended only one conference in my previous firm, and it was a very nice experience. I am unable to attend this year but we plan to attend next year.

I think the Committee is doing more than an excellent job and look forward to more accomplishments.


What is your favorite thing to do in your spare time?

The first image that came into my head was spending time with my children on the beach.