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Interview Series

Marcelo Lamesa

Nicholson y Cano Abogados, Argentina

05 Feb 2021

Legalink's work and effort to expand its field of action is extremely constructive and beneficial. In particular, the activities carried out by the regional groups are very positive

What is new with your firm?

At the beginning of 2020 we had new projects in mind in relation to our offices, meeting rooms and communication system. Unfortunately, the pandemic forced us to change priorities and objectives. In mid-March, a strict quarantine was established in Argentina, which lasted for months and, is still in place, although not as strict as before. Given the seriousness of the situation, we considered it a priority to ensure the continuity of work of our lawyers and administrative staff, without neglecting the sanitary conditions for them. In parallel, we set out to establish a working regime that would guarantee our clients the same quality of service and delivery as in normal times. In this task, the adjustment of the latest technology that had been implemented, as well as the effort of our systems department, were key to apply the home office methodology for all our professionals and administrative staff. Thanks to the hard work and commitment of everybody at Nicholson y Cano, we can say that the results achieved exceeded expectations. At present, we are set about thinking of the future assuming that even with a return to normal, or at least the closest as possible to the "normal" we used to know, it will mean that a substantial part of the implemented changes be maintained.

Which practice areas are the most in demand in your firm?

Nicholson y Cano is a full-service law firm, whose almost all clients are companies, both local and international. In this sense, we develop all areas of law that can attain them. In particular, we have an important development in financial law, capital markets, energy and natural resources and general corporate/commercial areas. We also have a very active and developed department dedicated to M&As. Due to the special circumstances of the year 2020, the areas of labour law and contracts were in high demand.

Can you share an example of cross-border work with another Legalink member?

We have an excellent relationship with many of Legalink's firms. In particular, we have had cross-border activities and referrals with Alfonso López-Ibor (López-Ibor Abogados), Markus Bauer (Rittershaus), Julia Charlton (Charltons Law), Pepe Abastos (Hernández y Cía. Abogados), Anneliese Moritz (Felsberg Advogados) and Haroldo Espalter (Hughes & Hughes).

What are your views on Legalink expansion?

I consider Legalink's work and effort to expand its field of action is extremely constructive and beneficial. In particular, the activities carried out by the regional committees are very positive. Such is the case of the Latin American Committee, where Nicholson y Cano is an active participant, and which develops several activities.

As regards to Legalink, are you happy about your firm’s membership? What can we do better?

At Nicholson y Cano we are very honoured to be part of Legalink and consider it a highly positive element for the development of our activities. In particular, in the face of the special circumstances of 2020, I would like to highlight the efforts of Legalink to hold the annual meeting in a virtual way, as well as those of the regional committees, which were extremely successful in keeping a close connection and communication among its members. Thus, I personally congratulate the members of Legalink's committee and staff for the hard work done.

What is your favourite thing to do in your spare time?

I am very fond of sports, specially golf and running. I also enjoy very much travelling, which I try to do as much as I can with my wife and daughter. I am hopeful we can make great trips this 2021 and, why not, meet again face to face with all of you, staff and members of Legalink at any of the Annual Meetings.