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Interview Series

Irina Mazor

Lindborg & Mazor LLP, United States

05 Dec 2019

The network does an excellent job of vetting new members

What practice areas would you mention as leading practice areas in your firm? Which practice areas are the most in demand?

We founded Lindborg & Mazor LLP primarily as a sector firm focused on the real estate and construction industries. As our clients developed a trust in, and loyalty to, our firm and its lawyers, however, they began to come to us for all their legal matters and, in turn, our practice expanded.  Presently, in addition to real estate and construction, we also work in such diverse areas as corporate law, financings, mergers and acquisitions, and wage and hour disputes, among numerous other areas.  Given that I am also a licensed California real estate broker, we are able to combine brokerage and legal services to give our transactional clients added value at reduced cost.


What is new with your firm? Is there any recent news you would like to mention?

We were recently named Global 100’s 2019 Litigation Law Firm of the Year for California, USA.

In terms of our practice, we find that, more and more, we are involved in cases concerning the enforcement of arbitration provisions or arbitration awards, given that arbitration provisions are almost an article of faith in construction contracts.  For example, we are currently involved in a matter before the California Court of Appeal concerning the enforcement of an arbitration provision, a case we won at the trial court level on behalf of a subcontractor client. We are also presently in California Superior Court concerning a collateral attack on the enforcement of a multi-million-dollar arbitration award we secured for our general contractor client.  Notably, although this case is taking place in Los Angeles, it involves a lawsuit by a Korean-owned general contractor against a Chinese-owned real estate developer.


In terms of cross-border work, what are the most relevant jurisdictions for your firm?

Many people strive to come to California, our home base, which is great for us.  We would say that Asia and the Americas are the most frequent sources of inbound business, although our most recent referral came from our new colleagues in Russia, for which we are very appreciative.  Added to that, the US is a multi-jurisdictional country, so we are frequently involved in matters with our fellow countrymen.


As regards Legalink, are you happy about the firm’s membership?

We have always been thrilled and proud to be members of Legalink.  As one of the smaller firms in the network, we have looked upon the organization as a force multiplier for us, and have frequently called upon our colleagues for their expertise in areas of the law or in jurisdictions where we do not frequently practice.  The network does an excellent job of vetting new members and, more importantly, our semi-annual meetings where we get to know each other personally gives us considerable confidence when we work cooperatively with other firms.  This is something few other lawyers in typical referral networks or even those in multi-jurisdictional firms ever get to experience.


What are your views on Legalink expansion?

The iconic symbol of family in the US is Thanksgiving, and the celebration always includes not only one’s relatives, but those friends we hold dear.  That is how we think of Legalink, so when it comes to Legalink’s expansion, we are almost always in favor of inviting others to join us at our proverbial table.  The committee and staff have done a particularly fantastic job in the past few years of expanding membership in the US and Latin America, both of which are very important to us.  We would also encourage the committee to once again look to Canada, where we would appreciate having a member upon whom we could rely.


What are your favourite things to do in your spare time?

Around the halls of the firm, of which I am the managing partner, we like to say that Saturday and Sunday are just two more working days until Monday. Nevertheless, I love to spend time with family, travel (both to places that I have never seen before and to those with a familiar air for which I have a particular fondness), and turn strangers into friends (especially with Legalink!)