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Interview Series

Eyal Roy Sage

AYR – Amar Reiter Jeanne Shochatovitch & Co., Israel

10 Apr 2020

The knowledge of having trustworthy contacts almost everywhere is very useful.

 What is new with your firm?

Like many other businesses in Israel and around the world, we had to adapt overnight to a situation where practically all of our staff must work from home. Luckily, we decided to consume as many IT services as we could from the cloud as a way to avoid disruptions when the firmed moved to its current location three years ago. Since then we have continually expanded the scope of firm services available remotely to our staff, to a point where our receptionists can even answer the telephone from home. 

IT, of course, is just part of the story. Even though we had the technical capability for a while, we never actually experienced a situation where everyone was working from home. We’re still figuring out remote governance and team-work. The effects on productivity are also still too early to measure. 


Which practice areas are the most in demand in your firm?

Real estate and litigation are normally our busiest practices. Our law & technology practice is also quite busy, especially with regard to data protection. Going forward, it appears that our insolvency and corporate restructuring practice might become our busiest, unfortunately. 


What are your views on Legalink expansion? 

We welcome it. With the specialisation needed today, and difficulties with conflict issues, especially in smaller jurisdiction, variety is important.


As regards to Legalink, are you happy about your firm’s membership? What can we do better?

The professional groups are very useful, as is the knowledge of having trustworthy contacts almost everywhere. I’d like to see more exchange of information about the business of the practise of law. The profession is quite conservative, and many firms simply replicate what other firms in their jurisdiction are doing, because that is what they know. International firms can learn from their various locations, and so should we.


What is your favourite thing to do in your spare time? 

I love swimming. It is one of very few remaining things that is impossible to do with a mobile phone on.