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Interview Series

Alejandro Ripoll

Ramos, Ripoll & Schuster , Mexico

02 May 2024

My expectation is to continue to uphold Legalink's reputation for excellence in the provision of multi-jurisdictional legal services

Can you share a little about your experience serving the Legalink committee and your expectations for your third mandate?
Having served on the Legalink´s Committee for several terms now, I've had the privilege of witnessing the network's growth and evolution first-hand while passing through the COVID pandemic. My experience has been incredibly rewarding, as it has allowed me to contribute to the network's strategic initiatives and foster collaboration among member firms. As I embark on my third mandate, my expectations are centered around generating business and value for the member firms, as well as further strengthening the bonds within our community, exploring new opportunities for growth and innovation, and continuing to uphold Legalink's reputation for excellence in the provision of multi-jurisdictional legal services.

What strategies have you found most effective in promoting solid relationships and productive collaborations among members?
In my experience, the most effective strategies for promoting solid relationships and productive collaborations among Legalink members involve fostering open communication, cultivating mutual trust and respect, and facilitating opportunities for meaningful engagement. This includes organizing webinars and networking events with Clients where members can share insights, best practices, and business opportunities. For example, my firm, Ramos Ripoll & Schuster, Grandway Law (a Legalink member in China), and the Mexican Embassy in China recently organized a seminar regarding the legal aspects of doing business in Mexico for Chinese companies associated with the nearshoring phenomenon in the North America Region.
Additionally, involving more attorneys from member firms in practice group meetings leveraging technology platforms has proven instrumental in bridging geographical distances and facilitating seamless communication and collaboration among members.
As one of the LatAm Regional Ambassadors, in your opinion, what are the key opportunities for international collaboration in Latin America today?
As a LatAm Regional Ambassador, I believe there are significant opportunities for international collaboration in Latin America today, particularly in the areas of cross-border investment, energy, and infrastructure development. Latin America boasts a wealth of natural resources, a growing middle class, and a diverse economy, making it an attractive destination for foreign investment. By fostering partnerships and collaborations among Legalink members in the region and beyond, we can capitalize on these opportunities and facilitate greater access to legal expertise, market insights, and business opportunities for our clients.
Could you highlight a significant achievement or project in your legal career that you are particularly proud of?
One significant achievement in my legal career that I am particularly proud of is founding Ramos, Ripoll & Schuster (RRS) and leading its growth and development over the past 18 years. When we started the firm, we were a small team of three members with a shared vision and determination to build a legal practice that would be recognized for its excellence, integrity, and client-focused approach.
Through perseverance, dedication, and a commitment to delivering outstanding legal services, we have transformed RRS into a leading law firm in Mexico, with over 100 professionals, 10 partners, three offices, and more than 10 practice teams covering a wide range of legal specialties. Our firm's growth is based on the hard work and talent of our great team, as well as the trust and confidence of our clients.
Building RRS from the ground up has been a rewarding journey filled with challenges, opportunities, and milestones. Along the way, we have earned the trust of young and senior lawyers to develop their careers at RRS, and with that, the trust of multinational corporations, government offices, and prominent individuals who rely on us to provide strategic advice and innovative solutions to their most complex legal matters.
As we continue to expand our footprint and strengthen our capabilities, I am proud to reflect on how far we have come and the impact we have made in the legal profession. Founding RRS and guiding its growth has been a defining achievement in my legal career, and I am grateful for the opportunity to lead such a dynamic and forward-thinking organization.
Can you share an example of a successful collaboration within Legalink that you've been a part of?
One example of a successful collaboration within Legalink is that I've been involved in advising a multinational client on a cross-border M&A transaction. Our client was seeking to acquire a target with operations in multiple jurisdictions, requiring a coordinated and multi-faceted approach to due diligence, regulatory compliance, and transaction structuring.
Through Legalink's extensive network of member firms with expertise in M&A transactions, we assembled a tailored cross-border legal team equipped to address the diverse legal and regulatory challenges inherent in the deal. Each member firm brought invaluable insights and local market knowledge to the table, allowing us to provide comprehensive advice and strategic guidance at every stage of the transaction.
Ultimately, our collective efforts culminated in a successful closing. This experience exemplified the power of collaboration within Legalink to deliver exceptional outcomes for our clients in cross-border M&A transactions.
What's a fun or interesting fact about yourself that your Legalink members might not know?
Legalink members might not know that, in addition to my passion for serving clients, I am a frustrated singer and football player. However, my football aspirations were cut short at the age of 15 due to a knee injury (to be honest, I was quite bad and would not have made it to an amateur league). While I may not be able to lace up my boots and take to the field like I once did, my passion for football remains a constant source of inspiration and joy in my life.
As for my singing endeavours, while I may not have the vocal prowess of a professional singer, I find solace and enjoyment in expressing myself through music. Whether belting out tunes in the shower or singing along to my favourite songs in the car, music has always been a cherished part of my life.
How do you enjoy your free time outside of work?
I am a family home man. I cherish spending quality time with my wife, Ale, and our two children, Maria (4) and Andres (2). Family is incredibly important to me, and I find immense joy in creating lasting memories with them, whether it's exploring new adventures together or simply enjoying each other's company at home.
Aside from family time, one of my passions is travelling and immersing myself in new and different cultures and experiencing the diversity of our world.
As a devoted football enthusiast and supporter of Real Madrid, watching their games is a favourite pastime of mine.
In addition to my personal interests, I am also deeply committed to education and academia. As a law professor at the ITESO MBA, I have the privilege of sharing my knowledge and expertise with professionals, helping to shape the next generation of leaders in Mexico.