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CSR, Diversity and Inclusion

People in Need

21 Jul 2020

Felix a spol. financially supports the projects of People in Need all around the world.

Felix a spol. financially supports the one-off projects of Člověk v tísni – People in Need all around the world. They’ve also been regularly donating to the educational program Lepší škola pro všechny – Better School for Everyone for the past five years. The goal of Better Schools for Everyone is primarily to support underprivileged children in their curricular and extracurricular activities so as to not only provide them with an equal chance in school but also in their life outside of it. It is a very necessary and meaningful supplementary program of the educational system here in the Czech Republic. It’s directed towards children from dysfunctional families, unstable environments or towards children with other handicaps. Detailed information about the project here:  Lepší škola pro všechny – Better School For Everyone.


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