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CSR, Diversity and Inclusion

Diversity and inclusion policy

12 Aug 2021

1. Purpose

The present Diversity and Inclusion Policy of Felsberg Advogados (“Policy”) aims at establishing guidelines for relationships between professionals, leaders, customers, suppliers, third parties and other interested parties regarding the issues of Diversity and Inclusion, as well as providing transparency, with the objective of an environment free from discrimination, which promotes and values respect and equal opportunities. 

2. Scope

This document applies to all professionals at Felsberg Advogados, in addition to suppliers, service providers, customers, social institutions and office partners.

3. General guidelines
3.1. Contextualization

This Policy is governed by national and international human rights principles, which guarantee equal rights to all people, regardless of race, color, gender, sexual orientation, religion, nationality, political or other opinion, social status, or any other condition. In this context, in order to build a work environment of excellence, all actions must be guided by the appreciation of diversity and the inclusion of people with their own identities, cultures, ethnicities and special physical or intellectual needs. Bearing in mind that the services provided by Felsberg Advogados are essentially developed by people, the vision of each professional in the context of plurality is essential for the delivery of highly technical and creative legal content, necessary to the strategies formulated with our clients and partners.

Here are the principles that govern Felsberg Advogados:

• Valuing the plurality of identities, cultures and religions;
• Living with ethnic, cultural, social, religious, sexual orientation and special physical or intellectual needs, based on harmony and respect;
• Actively promoting the inclusion of vulnerable groups and minorities in the workforce;
• Supporting social responsibility and integration; and
• Guaranteeing ethical values and human rights in all relationships that the firm establishes with its employees, customers and partners.

In this sense, our actions are guided by the objectives of ensuring:

• Inclusion of people with special physical and / or intellectual needs;
• Ethnic-racial, gender and sexual orientation diversity;
• Respect for different religious practices;
• Gender equality; and
• Socioeconomic integration.

About Felsberg Advogados

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