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Measures for social distancing

In order to keep vital sectors running, no lockdown is ordered. Since the 13th of March, 2020, however, the government strongly advises everybody to stay at home, if their presence elsewhere is not absolutely necessary. Public transport is continued on a reduced schedule, but hardly anybody uses it; streets and highways are nearly empty.

Restaurants, bars, theatres, cinemas, museums, as well as barbers and other shops that require physical contact with clients are not allowed to open. But for lack of clients and/or fear for their personnel most other shops decided to close as well, except for food and do-it-yourself shops. These take care that any physical contact is avoided, that people always keep a distance of at least 1½ meter between themselves, and that no more than a reduced number of people is admitted at the same time.

These recommendations and measures were advised until the 6th April, but yesterday they were extended up till and including 28 April 2020.