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Description of the measures taken to achieve “social distancing” (curfew, lockdown, mandatory shop closures, duration etc.) and how these measures are accepted by the public;

The Czech Republic declared a state of emergency valid for thirty (30) days as of the 12th of March 2020. In order to prevent the spreading of the virus Covid-19, together with the state of emergency, the Czech government has also adopted certain measures described below: 

-       Curfew &Lockdown

Mandatory lockdown measures apply to all persons currently located in the Czech Republic. The aim is to minimise contact between people unless it is absolutely necessary. The exceptions to the lockdown are due to travels to work; necessary visits to family and close persons, journeys to grocery stores, pharmacies, post offices, funerals and also trips to nature and return to the place of residence. On that note, people are also not allowed to be in public areas in more than two (2) people together (please note such measures do not apply to members of the same household). Two (2) metres distance rule must be followed when in public areas, i.e. shops, streets, or queues. Also, face masks are mandatory when in public areas.

General ban on entry to the Czech Republic for all foreigners and travel ban (with exceptions) measures havebeen adopted.

Schools (primary, secondary and high schools), universities together with leisure and educational centres must also remain closed until further notice. 

-       Mandatory shop closures

All retail stores must be closed with the exception of grocery stores (provided disposable gloves are available for incoming customers), drug stores and pharmacies, pet shops, car repair and storage shops, gas stations, optics, newspaper stands, tobacco shops, flower shops, gardening supplies stores, ticket offices, dry cleaners, delivery services, spa facilities (only if covered by public health insurance), funeral services, telecommunications, haberdashery supplies stores, constructions sites, real estate and tax offices.

Restaurants must remain closed but food trucks and takeouts are still allowed to be open, therefore many restaurants now provide their customers with delivery services or takeaway

options in order to keep their business running. Food courts in shopping malls with area of more than 5,000 square metres however can no longer serve food and must remain closed until further notice. 

Taxi services, driving schools, self service dry cleaners, casinos, building materials stores, all sport centres, accommodation services  must be closed at all times. 

-       Duration:

The Curfew & Lockdown measures are currently valid until 11th of April 2020; however the duration of the state of emergency may be extended again and so will the duration of the above described measures.

Certain regions in the Czech Republic are currently testing a system of intelligent quarantine which should help to locate how the virus spreads and some of the measures could then be repealed.

It is important to say that compared to other countries the general public adopted all the necessary measures very well. It is obvious that people realise the consequences of current situation and take it seriously (i.e. everyone is wearing a face mask, queues in stores follow the distance orders, everyone respects the opening hour for the elderly).