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Description and volume of the aid packages made available to employees, small businesses, large corporations

Details regarding aid packages for businesses are still being discussed but as of today it is clear who will qualify for compensation. All employers whose economic activity is affected or jeopardised by the spread of the disease (virus) and whose wage costs are not covered by state or national budgets are entitled to a partial or full compensation for wages paid to their employees.

Last measures taken in this context were as follows:

The government approved a program called “Antivirus” to protect job positions. According to this program, the state shall compensate for the wages paid by the employers and such compensation should be provided through Labour offices (Job Centres). Such measures should help the employers to manage current economic situation.

Program “Antivirus” covers a number of situations depending on the type of restriction or obstacles the employer is facing such as quarantine of the employee, inability to assign work due to a mandatory lockdown or mandatory closures, lack of demand on the market due to the lock down, child care.

The government came up with the plan of compensating 60% to 80% of the wage paid to the employee based on the particular restriction. Such compensation does not only include the actually net salary but also social security fees and contributions to the national health care system.

Compensation shall be paid after an application for compensation is submitted to the Labour Office. Such application should automatically generate an agreement between the Labour office (Job centre) and the employer which is the essential condition for compensation payment, and such compensation can be claimed for wages paid from the12th of March.

Please note that as the situation is still evolving, this is very likely not the definite form of the measures.

Nevertheless, certain measures will affect the taxpayers in a positive way. Therefore, we find it useful to mention those as well: Taxpayers, who were required to file an income tax return for 2019 originally no later than by the 1stof April, can now do so until the 1st of July 2020, without applying for such extension and without having to prove the reasons related to coronavirus. Same applies to property tax returns which can now be filed by 31st August 2020.