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Guidelines for contracts with public authorities

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Guidelines for contracts with public authorities

The answers in this book do not constitute legal advice. Should you need legal advice, you should consult a qualified attorney who can counsel you based upon the specific facts and laws applicable to your circumstances.

Globalisation is one of the key topics in discussion worldwide. Undertakings commonly occur cross-border. Cross-border transactions require advice about the laws of other countries. Legalink members are ideally equipped to provide such counsel. One particular element of cross-border transactions demands increased attention: the world-wide market of contracts with public authorities. This market, already huge, is growing even larger as a result of the current financial crisis.

Where undertakings are not organized through foreign subsidiaries in a particular jurisdiction, conducting business in such markets may seem to pose insurmountable hurdles. Legalink members can combine excellence in the knowledge of the subject matter with the efficiency that results from familiarity and mutual respect that comes with established personal relationships they have developed.

This booklet gives guidelines for practitioners on the basis of 17 frequently asked questions concerning contracts with public authorities (see p. 10). The answers provide a brief overview of the national law of many of the countries represented by the Legalink network. The answers are ordered by countries in alphabetical order. The current 4th edition of this book covers 33 contributions of 30 member countries.

If you are interested in exploring representation by Legalink members in a business project, please feel free to contact directly the relevant member law firms of Legalink, or contact us in Berlin. We would be pleased to put you in touch with the appropriate Legalink colleague.

Berlin, March 2010
Markus Jakoby