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Litigation ADR

One of the projects that LEGALINK member firms regularly undertake are cross border questionnaires about legal issues around the world. The latest edition focuses on layoffs and is available on-line at http://Resources/Questionnaires/Litigation-and-Arbitration. The project “Arbitration and Litigation” was coordinated by Eduardo Wiesner, from Wiesner & Asociados, Colombia, and twenty-nine member firms of Legalink collaborated to assemble this information.

The personal working relationships that enabled us to produce this project also enable us to help our clients find the right lawyer for the right matter in numerous countries.

Should you have issues pertaining to litigation and arbitration you should contact the lawyer and law firm identified with the response from the particular country. You may also contact Maria de Sá Nogueira, the Chief Administrative Officer of LEGALINK ( who will be happy to put you in touch with the approriate LEGALINK member.


South Africa - Fluxmans Inc
Australia - Piper Alderman
Hong Kong  - Charltons
India - Dua Associates
Korea - Barun Law
Singapore - CitiLegal LLC
Australia - Piper Alderman
South America