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Layoffs: A Legalink Summary of Laws Around the World

Layoffs – eliminating jobs for economic reasons rather than for poor performance or misconduct of employees – are a global phenomenon that is likely to continue for the foreseeable future. More than ever, companies doing business worldwide need to know how the laws pertaining to layoffs vary from one nation to the next, and they need to know it promptly.

Welcome to Layoffs: A Legalink Summary Of Laws Around The World. Legalink is an international network of independent law firms. Through our twice-a-year meetings, members develop personal working relationships and collaborate with each other to be able to serve our clients outside of our own particular jurisdictions. This book is such a collaboration, with summaries of the laws relating to layoffs in 44 countries.

A word of caution: the goal of this project is simply to provide the reader with a general idea of what a company needs to know about the law pertaining to layoffs. This book does not provide legal advice, which can be obtained only by discussing specific facts with a qualified lawyer who is expert in the subject matter of layoffs in the jurisdiction in which you are doing business. What may be perfectly acceptable in one country may be an invitation to legal liability across the border. Please also remember: laws change. This book is being published in September 2009. Although we may publish an update sometime in the future, the only way to know that the information you are reading still is current is to talk to a qualified lawyer in the relevant country.

Forty-four member-firms of Legalink collaborated to assemble this information. The personal working relationships that enabled us to produce this project also enable us to help our clients find the right lawyer for the right matter in numerous countries. Should you have issues pertaining to layoffs, or to employment matters generally, you should contact the lawyer and law firm identified with the response from the particular country. You may also contact me or Maria de Sá Nogueira, the Chief Administrative Officer of Legalink, and we will be happy to put you in touch with the appropriate Legalink member.

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